Thursday, September 10, 2009

for our new life

i was share my problem with nagendra and he said :

"our life is like a river, we can't stay in one place. so if u really decided that you want to left him then left.. you can get another besfriend also but its take some days.
you have to decide what you want, thats your choice..
we can't get our every wish in our life, that's the rules of life.
you believe in God will give you surprise oneday, just believe when u know God can give you a better friend than him and i'm always with you my bestfriend ever and ever.."

do you know.. he always give me a new spirit when i talk with him.. so i want share it with all of you and i hope you'll feel the same way too like i feel...

ps: he asked me "do you think that we can be a besfriend first?"
i answered "no"

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