Sunday, September 6, 2009

be my own

i'm so glad for today.. thanks God for what i got today. do u know why??
let's i tell you..

1st ... i'm still alive!! yes of course i'm happy because God give me a chance to make my life better than yesterday and i'll try hard to fix alot of mistakes that i have done yesterday..

2nd ... someone talk to me again. i'm really happy. (sorry. i can't tell you who is that someone..)

3rd ... i was chatting with my bestfriend Nagendra Chaudhary, we have chat so long. of course he's my bestfriend now because he always give me somehelp to solve a lot of my problem. he really wont give me anything of hurt. :)

i was talking and talking about my friends, hmmm because friends is mean so much to me and thankful they still be my own right here, beside me and gave me support to spend my life. they so nice and helpful, because of that i love them a lot.

PS : sorry, i can't tell u about all of my friends today, but i promised you i'll do that next time. so dont worry ok. :)

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