Saturday, January 7, 2012

MOUNT BROMO : We Found Love

Helping with your hands and believe at your friends.. That's a sweet moment to remember.. :)

In the coolest night, you are cooking noodles for us..

We are so thankful for you uncle.. It's tasty :)

At the hicking time, we are waiting for Mitong..

She got tired and need to take a rest.. Don't worry Mitong, take your time.. :)

"Granny, I wanna hug you, it's too cold.."

She's our grandmother, don't believe it?.. :)

Ok.. Well.. Is it true if they had a special relationship?? *joking.. :)

I knew this picture is true.. They got their lost relationship for second time.. There will always be a chance, isn't? :)

That's my view to remember our travelling to Mount Bromo. Spend time at the exchange of year, Welcome to 2012.. We aren't celebrating it, just try something new for our life.. And make our memories full of happiness and smile.. :)

With LOVE, nothing to regret, right? :) …

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