Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sura-Madu Holiday Project

Sabtu-Minggu, 17-18 Desember 2011.. travelling sama Mutun ke Surabaya dan Madura.. It was an extra ordinary Sura-Madu holiday project..

Mesjid Cheng Ho.. First destination, a mosque with Thionghoa Architectural :)

Monumen Suro-Boyo. The trademark of Surabaya, the capital city of East java. Suro means shark and Boyo means chrocodille..

Nge-Mall at Tunjungan Plaza. Take a rest in cozy place such as coffe café and enjoy the wi-fi..

Welcome to Suramadu at Madura Island. Only with Rp 3000 by a motorcycle we can passed the bridge and went to Madura Island.. Dinner sate khas Madura. All the things sound so Madura right?

Sunrise of Sunday Morning at Suramadu Bridge, warm and cute ones..

Suramadu Bridge. The bridge that connect Surabaya and Madura Island.. The connectivity build there.. Really one of an amazing bridge in Indonesia..

Mutun, my best partner ever :)

At Kenjeran beach, Surabaya.. It seems like we are in Bali, in my thought..

See you next time.. :)
Mom, Dad, I can' wait, so ecxited to tell you about my journey.. :)

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